Champions of Creativity

Our Champions of Creativity initiative aims to shine a light on marketers who have effectively used creativity as a business tool. Our inaugural Champion Of Creativity is Geoff Whyte, the current CEO of Nando’s. Geoff is a marketer whose consistent creative track record speaks for itself. Geoff sums up the the relationship between creativity and profitability perfectly when he says, “As a marketer, your job is to drive sustained growth in profit. In order to do this, you need to influence how consumers behave – by changing how they perceive your brand. To make this happen you need to break out of the ordinary. You will never change what people believe by showing them something similar to what they’ve seen a thousand times before.”


Geoff Whyte is no stranger to the creative award scene. Over the course of his 20 year career, he has collected enough statuettes to fill any career creative with envy.
Except that you and I both know that Geoff Whyte isn’t a career creative. Right now, he is CEO of Nando’s Southern Africa, but has held down a number of positions ranging from marketing manager at SAB-Miller to marketing director of organisations including KFC and Cadbury Schweppes. This means, of course, that he is much more of a suit than a creative – driven not by the number of gold and silver gongs in his cabinet but rather by sales, profit and business success. Read More

If you’d like to submit the name and case studies of a marketer who you believe has effectively used creativity as a business tool over a sustained period of time, please e-mail Arlene at