Creative Circle May/June Award 2016 Judging Panel


Rui Alves


Executive Creative Director

Liam Wielopolski


Executive Creative Director


Heidi Kasselman

Net#Work BBDO

Senior Art Director

Christian Horseff

NativeE VML

Creative Director

Sunet Willemse

Publicis Machine

Creative Director

Stephanie Larsen


Creative Director


Anthea Webber


Creative Director

Arlene Donenberg

The Creative Circle

General Manager


Mariana O’Kelly

Chairperson Of The Judging Panel

Ogilvy & Mather

Executive Creative Director

Sibusiso Sithole

The Odd Number

Executive Creative Director

Latest Winners

MAY 2016



Entry ID




Entry Agency

Outdoor & Out of Home - May 2016FirstOU05-16-10277BMW MotorradBMWBMW Bus Stop Activation FCB Cape Town
Outdoor & Out of Home - May 2016SecondOU05-16-10562Cape TalkNon Gender Toys#Break The MouldY&R South Africa
Outdoor & Out of Home - May 2016ThirdOU05-16-10511Volkswagen South AfricaVolkswagen Genuine PartsTechnically - Dancing, SuperheroesOgilvy & Mather Cape Town
Print - May 2016FirstPR05-16-10485PASSOPI Am Muslimr&display=PR05-16-10485">I Am Muslim - I Am American, I Am British, I Am French, I Am German, I Am South AfricanNATIVE VML
Print - May 2016SecondPR05-16-10374UnileverHandy Andy5000 Second Rule - Egg, Sausage, CupcaketheDOagency
Print - May 2016ThirdPR05-16-10478Iziko Museums of South AfricaIziko Slave MuseumThe Slave CalendarGeometry Global Cape Town and Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Print - May 2016ThirdPR05-16-10352Flight CentreStudent FlightsHoliday Packing - Dude-vs-Pensioner, Babe vs Mom, Make-up vs MedsTBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg
Radio - May 2016FirstRA05-16-10372VodacomVodacomYou Should Have Called - Double Blue Tick, Meme, EmailOgilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Radio - May 2016SecondRA05-16-10360Flight CentreStudent FlightsOld you visits young you - Old Kev, Old Jen, Old DanHunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Radio - May 2016ThirdRA05-16-10437Volkswagen South AfricaVolkswagen BrandListen CloselyOgilvy & Mather Cape Town
Radio - May 2016ThirdRA05-16-10276BMW MotorradBMW S 1000 RRBMW GPS Stutter FCB Cape Town
Television, Video & Cinema - May 2016FirstTV05-16-10521Volkswagen South AfricaVolkswagen Genuine PartsTechnically - Dog, DancingOgilvy & Mather Cape Town
Television, Video & Cinema - May 2016SecondTV05-16-10442SAMPRORediscover DairyJust Enough Energy For Teens - Pool, Ball, Hammock FoxP2 Advertising
Television, Video & Cinema - May 2016SecondTV05-16-10381Mondelez - Cadbury LunchbarCadbury LunchbarMoOgilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Television, Video & Cinema - May 2016ThirdTV05-16-10433Mercedes Benz VansParking Assist with 360 Degree CameraCar GuardJoe Public Pty Ltd

June 2016

CategoryCategory KeyPrizeEntry IDBrandProductTitleEntry Agency
Digital & Interactive - April to June 2016IN0406FirstIN0406-16-10438Ster KinekorSter Kinekor#OpenEyesFoxP2 Advertising
Digital & Interactive - April to June 2016IN0406SecondIN0406-16-10434SABMillerCastle LiteZiyabandaOgilvy & Mather Cape Town
Digital & Interactive - April to June 2016IN0406ThirdIN0406-16-10378Mondelez - Cadbury Dairy MilkCadbury Dairy Milk - BubblyBubbly free the joy - DadOgilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Digital & Interactive - April to June 2016IN0406ThirdIN0406-16-10375MTV AfricaMTV#LETSTALKCOLOUROgilvy & Mather Johannesburg
Print - June 2016PR06FirstPR06-16-10419Apartheid MuseumBrandMarchOpenCo - The Open Collaboration
Print - June 2016PR06SecondPR06-16-10468National Geographic Kids MagazineNational Geographic Kids MagazineStickers - Cheetah, Eagle, Frog, ElephantFoxP2 Advertising
Print - June 2016PR06ThirdPR06-16-10474We The BraveWe The BraveStigma - Strangulation, Stabbing, GunshotFoxP2 Advertising
Radio - June 2016RA06FirstRA06-16-10569NetfloristNetfloristNetflorist A War of Words - Anniversary Forgotten RadioFCB Africa (Pty) Ltd
Radio - June 2016RA06SecondRA06-16-10363City Lodge HotelsCity LodgeBig Memories - Romance, Sandcastle, Business DealHunt Lascaris Johannesburg
Radio - June 2016RA06ThirdRA06-16-10340OLXOLX Online ClassifiedsMotorbikePublicis Machine
Television, Video & Cinema - June 2016TV06FirstTV06-16-10408UnileverHandy AndySausagetheDOagency
Television, Video & Cinema - June 2016TV06SecondTV06-16-10461Ster KinekorSter Kinekor#OpenEyes 2FoxP2 Advertising
Television, Video & Cinema - June 2016TV06SecondTV06-16-10460Ster KinekorSter Kinekor#OpenEyes 1FoxP2 Advertising
Television, Video & Cinema - June 2016TV06ThirdTV06-16-10554Investec Investec BankPromathsY&R South Africa