About the Creative Circle

“The Creative Circle is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting creativity as a business resource and maintaining high levels of creativity in the SA advertising industry.”

The Creative Circle represents agencies and only agencies in South Africa, not clients, advertisers or media owners.

Our focus is absolutely single-minded when it comes to promoting the best interests of our members. Creative Circle accreditation is an important stamp of your creative ability; recognising your agency as one of the best in the country. As a member of Creative Circle, you’ll be eligible for a number of valuable benefits.

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The Objectives of the Creative Circle are:

– To promote creativity as a business resource.

– To endeavour to raise and maintain high standards of creativity in advertising.

– To provide input into official industry bodies, i.e. ACA, ASA.

– To have a meaningful and tangible impact on decisions taken by the industry bodies listed above by a united and cohesive action, i.e. by adhering to the resolutions of the Creative Circle.

– To decide on which international and local advertising awards shall be formally endorsed by the Creative Circle from time to time. These are currently the following: CC Monthly Awards, CC Annual Awards, Cannes, D&AD, One Show and The Loerie Awards.

– To nominate judges for the above Awards and to ensure that such judging is conducted in a fair and unbiased manner so that the results of such judging shall be in accordance with Point 1.2. above.

– To support, where appropriate, the education of creative people.

“Our purpose is to inspire the transformation of product, people and perception through the power of creativity.”

The Creative Circle Charter

“We, the members of the Creative Circle, are determined, in our role as the official organization elected by and representing the wider South African Creative community to develop and improve the standard of the South African advertising industry’s creative product, and to enhance our reputation as one of the country’s world class industries.To this end we aim to encourage and promote Creative excellence that is relevant and meaningful in the South African advertising and communication industry. We endeavour to inspire and stimulate growth of our Creative Talent by supporting development and empowerment schemes, educational programmes and awards initiatives.”