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First up, a big thank you for my nomination as CC Chairman. It’s a huge honour to represent the South African creative fraternity and I look forward to building on Chris’s great work over the last two years. Chris has been all-in from the get-go and in addition to delivering on everything expected of a Creative Circle Chairman, he’s been an outspoken defender of all things creative, in 140 characters and beyond. During his tenure, he challenged many a naysayer to public debates on the power of creativity to deliver business results. Needless to say, no-one took him up on it. I felt it particularly fitting The Creative Effectiveness Award was implemented at Loeries for the first time on his watch. And he won the damn thing.

Chris has also made significant strides in the area of education and I’ve asked him to continue spearheading the Power Of 50 Program which was initiated during his time as Chairman.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the industry with the shifting landscapes. While it’s safe to say we’ll always be creatively competitive in the more traditional spaces, the biggest challenge we face at the moment is narrowing the gap between ourselves and the rest of the world in the Integrated and digital space. I’ve asked Arlene to approach all the digital agencies to join the Creative Circle this year and I’m glad to say we have two digital representatives on Exco for the first time – Pete Case from Gloo and Jarred Cinman from Native. With the talent at our disposal in this country, I have no doubt we’ll get there, whether it be through digital agencies or agencies that are digital. We’re already seeing signs of progress with Ogilvy CT picking up Gold at the One Show for VW Streetquest and Gold at Cannes for Cape Town Tourism. Here’s hoping we can take it to the next level in the not too distant future.

I’m also keen to raise the profile of the Creative Circle and make sure we remain more relevant than ever during this time of change. The industry will be able to follow us on Twitter (@CCircle2014) with updates on Creative Circle initiatives, intern programs, industry seminars, international jury appointments and the like. The bad news is there’s a 10% increase in Creative Circle subscription fees, but Arlene has told me to tell you it’s the first increase in six years. Yes, people, six years. I’m fortunate to be inheriting the majority of Chris’s Exco with one new addition in Alistair King. I suspect I’ll be drawing on Al’s vast experience a lot these next two years. I might have to change a few nappies in return. Here’s to a great 2014 and beyond.

Chairperson Creative Circle